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Consular Office of Japan in Kota Kinabalu

tel: 088-254-169
fax: 088-236-632

08:30-12:00, 13:30-16:00


JAPAN VISA INFORMATION HOTLINE(English) (Available 24 hours, 365 days a year)
TEL: 1800818859

*This hotline is designated for visa applicants residing in Malaysia.
*If you are calling from Malaysia, you will be charged a domestic call fee for your call.
*This Hotline will only provide general information regarding Japanese visas.
*The Hotline will not connect you to the Consular Office’s Visa Office (Section). If you need to contact the Consular Office in regards to a pending visa application, please contact the Consular Office directly at 088-254169 during office hours.

For other information, see the following:

Exemption of Visa for Malaysian Nationals holding biometric passport with an embedded microchip (25 June, 2013)

Decision to abolish the requirement of a short-term visa for Malaysian Nationals (11 June, 2013)

The Japanese Government will issue the Multiple Entry Visa for Malaysian nationals living in Malaysia who want to go to Japan for sightseeing, visiting relatives and other purposes (30 August, 2012)


Currently THREE (3) WORKING DAYS are necessary for processing of visa for normal cases.
However, the visa processing might take longer depending on the content of the application. Please apply visa well in advance.

Traffic rules in Japan